The CouchCase Original

$39.95 $69.95

* Need help with sizing? Please refer to our "Sizing and Instructions" section. 

** For patterned designs, check out The CouchCase Deluxe!

That Brand New Couch Feeling

We know the feeling. After years of spills and accidents, your bright and beautiful couch isn't so bright and beautiful anymore, but you don't want to shell out thousands for a new one. Introducing CouchCase, a case that will give your couch and your room all the benefits of a new couch - that feeling of freshness and a glow-up for your room decor - at a fraction of the price tag. Give your couch the facelift it deserves. Sleek, modern, and aesthetic. Choose from a variety of designs that suit your style and your home. 

No More Anxiety For Families With Pets and Kids!

Whether you just bought a brand new couch or have been using the one you have for years, it certainly is a good feeling knowing that no matter what, your couch will be protected from stains of any type. Got some food on it? No problem, our CouchCases are extremely easy to clean. Just wipe the food off and toss it in the washer. Whatever the event or occasion, you can be at ease knowing that your furniture is protected, so that you can put your attention and energy towards what truly matters - having a good time with your friends and family.

Only takes minutes to set up:

1. Place the side with the tag on the back of your couch.

2. Distribute the fabric over your sofa evenly and adjust accordingly.

3. Use foam strips to push extra fabric into gaps.

4. Tie the strings on the bottom together.

5. Voila! A brand new couch in minutes! 


* For more detailed sizing instructions, please refer to our "Sizing and Instructions" section.

In order to ensure correct sizing, please measure your couch! If you own a L-shaped couch, or any other non-linearlly shaped couch, please order 2-3 CouchCases that fit your couch based on measurements of each portion. Make sure to measure the depth of your couch armchairs in addition to the length, and then add those measurements up with the seat length.  The measuring method is shown here: 

The following sizes correspond with these measurements:

- 1-Seat Sofa - 90cm-140cm (35.5in- 55in)

- 2-Seat Couch - 145cm-185cm (57in-73in)

- 3-Seat Couch - 190cm-230cm (75in-90.5in)

- 4-Seat Couch - 235cm-300cm (92.5in-118in)

* Measurements are in the middle of two sizes? Go with the larger size! You will be able to tuck the extra fabric. 

** Still need help with sizing? Please refer to our more detailed "Sizing and Instructions" section.

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