The CouchCase Velvet


* Need help with sizing? Please refer to our "Sizing and Instructions" section.

** For solid-colored designs, check out The CouchCase Original

Keep Your Couch Cozy All Winter Long!

Say goodbye to the chill on your couch this winter! With The CouchCase Velvet, you can ensure that your cozy nights are accompanied by warmth and comfort. Don't let the winter blues affect your couch – embrace the snug feeling of a well-insulated sofa. Our specially designed velvet cases provide an extra layer of warmth that you can feel. Give your couch the winter upgrade it deserves with The CouchCase Velvet, the perfect solution to keep your seating area toasty and inviting.

No More Anxiety From Pets And Kids - Keep That Brand New Couch Feeling!

Restore your couch to its former glory without breaking the bank. Introducing CouchCase, a velvet protective case that not only shields your couch but also revitalizes its appearance. Enjoy the satisfaction of a brand-new couch without the hefty price tag. Crafted from durable velvet materials, CouchCase is not only sleek and modern but also incredibly easy to clean. Spills and accidents are no longer a source of stress – a simple wipe or toss in the washer, and your couch is as good as new. Choose from a variety of stylish designs to match your taste and home decor. Elevate your living space with CouchCase and give your couch the facelift it deserves.

Only takes minutes to set up:

1. Place the side with the tag on the back of your couch.

2. Distribute the fabric over your sofa evenly and adjust accordingly.

3. Use foam strips to push extra fabric into gaps.

4. Tie the strings on the bottom together.

5. Voila! A brand new couch in minutes! 


* For more detailed sizing instructions, please refer to our "Sizing and Instructions" page.

In order to ensure correct sizing, please measure your couch! If you own a L-shaped couch, or any other non-linearly shaped couch, please order 2-3 CouchCases that fit your couch based on measurements of each linear portion. Make sure to measure the depth of your couch armchairs in addition to the length, and then add those measurements up with the seat length. The measuring method is shown here:

The following sizes correspond with these measurements:

- 1-Seat Sofa - 90cm-140cm (35.5in- 55in)

- 2-Seat Couch - 145cm-185cm (57in-73in)

- 3-Seat Couch - 190cm-230cm (75in-90.5in)

- 4-Seat Couch - 235cm-300cm (92.5in-118in)

* Measurements are in the middle of two sizes? Go with the larger size! You will be able to tuck the extra fabric. 

** Still need help with sizing? Please refer to our more detailed "Sizing and Instructions" page.

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